Newcastle University Childhood cancer is a difficult to treat disease with an additional threat of health problems throughout the lifespan of the survivors. Approaching better and advanced treatments can seemingly aid in improving the quality of patients’ life. Scientists from the Newcastle University have apparently developed a test for Medulloblastoma which is one of the most common malignant childhood brain tumors.

The novel test has apparently been approved all over Europe. Also unique means to analyze several other types of tumors can be determined. Tumor may be examined in detail and precise treatment can therefore be suggested.

Professor Steve Clifford, lead researcher of the team at Newcastle University, alleged, “This test is incredibly significant in our understanding of this tumor type and it will lead to children being treated much more appropriately. Before now, sufferers have been treated in a uniform way. Now we will be able to tell which of the children are at a lower risk and have a much higher chance of survival. Those at low risk can be given less aggressive treatment, which could significantly diminish long term treatment side effects such as hearing loss, attention deficit and learning difficulties.”

It has been elucidated that other three treatment regimes decreasing side effects for one group of patients and boosting survivability for the other groups will be presented in the next few years.

The research was funded by The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust.