Breast Feeding Mom As per the current guidelines, women are advised to breastfeed exclusively for a span of 6 months. However, a study by scientists at the University of Aberdeen has suggested that the present breastfeeding recommen-dations make women feel guilty and pressured in terms of the nutrition of their children.

A group of 36 women along with 26 partners, 8 mothers, 1 sister and 2 health care practitioners were interviewed. According to the respondents, breastfeeding ought to be more realistic instead of idealistic.

Partners of mothers revealed that prenatal details related to breastfeeding did not help them face the reality better. Many women also expressed their willingness to involve their partners in discussions other than the physical facets of breastfeeding.

Editor in Chief of BMJ Open, Dr Trish Groves, cited, “Any research or other article that seems to be “anti-breast feeding” is, rightly, highly controversial. This study is not, however, against breast feeding: far from it. We hope that parents, and anyone supporting mothers with breast feeding, will read the full paper. It provides first person accounts of how families actually feed their babies and how they feel about it, and the researchers have discussed their findings sensitively and in great depth.”

Considering that the first 6 months are critical with regards to the kids’ growth, sleep patterns and nutrition, most women preferred altering the mode of feeding. The team has urged professionals to undertake interactive discussions with mothers. They added that a proactive approach and not a reactive one is what is needed for the optimal health of a child.

The report is published in the journal, BMJ Open.