Happy kids

While diet is something indispensable in terms of weight loss, not much has been talked about its role in psychiatric conditions. Though, we are familiar with a study that revealed a gluten-free diet to be beneficial for autistic children. Now, a study by the scientists at the University at Copenhagen has shown that dietary modifications may help some kids suffering from ADHD.

However, the team has not reached a suitable conclusion with respect to the impact diet can have on ADHD. Basically, they wish to locate if any particular ingredient is to be avoided for these kids without any potential side effects. Another aspect to consider is whether there are benefits arising from diet that will be maintained in the long run.

“Our conclusion is that more research is required in the area. There is a lot to suggest that by changing their diet, it is possible to improve the condition for some ADHD children,” cited professor in pediatric nutrition Kim Fleischer Michaelsen from theDepartment of Human Nutrition at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, who is heading the study.

Since it is kids we’re talking about, sudden changes in the diet may make them react strongly. Therefore, it is crucial to gauge if the steps taken will indeed be fruitful for them. One thing to note is that making dietary alterations is apparently better than bombarding them with drugs.

As we’ve been seeing in most studies, conditions like ADHD are a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Larger trials to comprehend the link between dietary changes and ADHD are underway.