AHA Logo Treating depression in heart disease patients is a crucial step towards recovery. A study conducted by scientists at the American Heart Association (AHA) disclosed that depressive symptoms and poor lifestyle are apparently seen in men suffering from heart failure, than those devoid of the condition.

Depression is generally considered to be more common in women with respect to the general population. However, the impact of mental health on male heart failure patients has not been investigated precisely.

Almost 3,300 patients who were undergoing assessments for their heart complications participated in the trial. They were exposed to 2 questionnaires, the first gauged their depression levels, while the second checked their lifestyles. The scores were then compared on the basis of gender and heart failure diagnosis.

According to what was observed, women experienced both minor and major depression more than men. In case of female heart failure patients, the rates of mental stress were even higher. But, in terms of men with heart failure, the depression factor coupled with a poor life quality seemed to be more pronounced.

The difference seen between the test scores of men with heart failure seemed to be higher than the others in the study. Though women with heart failure experienced a similar effect, the degree of difference between them and the rest of the study group was relatively less.

The report was presented at the AHA’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2012.