Aircraft If you are going to be traveling and are headed on a plane anytime soon, and are still confused about the new security rules, well read on. The biggest point to remember is that you can still bring your prescription medication with you on the plane, only as long as your name is the same as the one on the bottle.

Here is a complete list of tips to be kept in mind while traveling in aircrafts:

  • Leave pills in their original bottle; and don’t mix different pills in the same bottle.
  • Check the name on each prescription bottle- Does the name match your own? It must, under the new security rules?
  • Don’t bury medicine bottles in your bag.
  • Pack your patience- You have to realize that you are going to have some waiting time. So, bring along some nice reading material and try to be patient and relaxed.
  • If you’re not feeling well, speak up.
  • Contact lens wearers, take your glasses- Do keep your lens solution in the luggage that will be checked in.
  • Do you need an Asthma inhaler? Check it in, if possible.
  • Flight crew should still be serving beverages on board