Mom-to-be near sunlight A new study has suggested that mothers should get adequate sunshine as it could help protect their unborn baby from diabetes and thyroid problems. However, the study has also cautioned that taking in too much of sunlight could be harmful.

Basically, the body gets Vitamin D from sunlight. This helps to cut the risk of the child developing diseases like Diabetes and thyroid problems. As people often have a lack of vitamin D, experts advise expectant mothers to ensure regular but balanced and sensible sun exposure and a right diet to go with it.

The study was conducted by Dr. Chantal Mathieu of the University of Leuven, Belgium, together with other researchers. They found that low levels of Vitamin D could be linked to the development of auto-immune disorders such as diabetes and thyroid diseases.

Vitamin D is also present in salmon, tuna and other oily fish. It is available in supplements too.

“Pregnant mothers are particularly liable to develop vitamin D deficiency and so they are at increased risk of developing auto-immune diseases,” said Mathieu.

Mathieu also said that there are two key ways for women to ensure that they and their babies are getting enough vitamin D. You can make sure that you get an adequate amount of sunshine, which has to be done in a sensible way, because too much of sunshine can cause problems such as skin cancer.