Verizon LG5200 GlucoPhone

Diabetes is a disease that can be defined as a chronic health condition, where the body is unable to produce insulin. It is also very unpredictable, and if not controlled it can give rise to several other ailments and possibly even death.

Now, here comes a device that is integrated into a phone that helps Diabetics keep a check on their insulin levels. New Jersey-based HealthPia has come up with a device called GlucoPhone, which has been introduced for the very first time on the Verizon LG5200 phone.

The GlucoPhone is basically a special glucose meter that can be fitted onto the back of the mobile phone.

The patient a required to place a blood-sample into a tiny slot on the side of the Verizon LG5200 phone for analysis.

In less than a minute, the device provides the users with results via ‘text’ to a database available on the Internet along with the subscriber’s permission. You have to also set the access rights for this purpose.

In the future, HealthPia is planning to develop more models for other well-known handsets such as Motorola Razr and the Apple iPhone.