UBC Logo Coffee, the leading source of antioxidants in America apparently protects body from a variety of diseases. Well, the health world recently stumbled upon an astonishing way to boost the antioxidant benefits of coffee. Food scientists from the University of British Columbia suggest that simply roasting coffee beans a dark brown can create extremely beneficial antioxidants.

During the research, investigators examined the complex mixture of chemical compounds produced during the bean’s browning process, known as the ‘Maillard reaction.’ It is known that heat affects the carbohydrates, sugars and proteins in food, like when grilling steaks or toasting bread. Antioxidants seem to exclude free radicals, which are the end products of metabolism that have been associated with the aging process.

At the time of the investigation, scientists assessed the prevailing antioxidants present in dark roasted coffee brew extracts from the green beans that were browned under high temperatures. It was pointed out that coffee beans lose 90 percent of their chlorogenic acid in the roasting process. Lead author Yazheng Liu and colleagues mention that only medium roast coffee produces highest level of antioxidant activity. It was concluded that roasted coffee beans have great health benefits.

The research will be published in a forthcoming issue of Food Research International.