Mixed Fruit Juice Researchers have conducted a study which has found that drinking a mixed fruit juice containing fruits like blueberry, grape and raspberry on a daily basis can cut the risk of prostate cancer.

According to lead researcher Dr.Jas Singh of Sydney University, “We have undertaken efficacy studies on individual components of fruit drinks and found these are effective in suppressing cell growth in culture. We reasoned that synergistic or additive effects are likely to be achieved when they are combined.”

The researchers came to this conclusion after they observed the effects of the mixed fruit drinks on both cancer cell cultures in a laboratory and genetically engineered mice with human prostate tumors.

They found that after just two weeks of consuming the mixed fruit juice solution which was added to the lab mice’s drinking water, their tumors had shrunk by 25%.

Further, the researchers are planning to see whether a daily glass or two of this very drink could treat the disease and even help to prevent the tumor from developing. For this, they are planning a small study of 150 men with prostate cancer who will be made to drink three glasses of the juice everyday.

According to Debbie Clayton of the Prostate Cancer Charity, “These studies will need to involve much larger numbers of men and it may be several years before we are able to offer men clear guidance on how the drink may help them. In the meantime, we would recommend that men include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet, ensuring they get a ‘rainbow’ of colors.”