Cordless Phone After cancer warnings due to mobiles,a new study has suggested that cordless phones could also put your health in danger.

Digital wireless phones, used homes all over the world could be just dangerous as mobiles, say researchers.

Digitally enhanced cordless telephones – Dects – are the main source of radiation at home where people spend a lot of time, causing frequent headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations, concentration and sleep problems.

These phones operate using the same technology as wi-fi computer systems and mobile phones – with the base station acting like a miniature mobile phone mast.

”The risks are the same as for mobiles, but they haven’t been studied because researchers thought the Dect operated like a landline,” said cancer specialist Lennart Hardell from the University Hospital, Sweden.

”Habitual users have a three-fold risk of acoustic neuroma (a benign tumour between the ear and brain) and a four-fold risk of a malignant brain tumour,” stated Professor Hardell.

It is more harmful as the base station is powering up 24-hours-a-day and the handset is picking up and sending signals whenever it’s held to the head, with the signal traveling through walls and ceilings too.

”The research has huge potential, but a major limiting factor in the use of either a whole pancreas or islet cell transplant is the lack of available donor organs,” she added.