David Steele Enterprises has come up with its latest invention, the iBreath. The iBreath is an innovative compact iPod accessory, which acts as a fully functioning personal alcohol breathalyzer.

iBreath evidently permits it’s users to keep a check on their own blood alcohol content, to make sure that their alcohol content is in control, prior to getting ready to drive an automobile.

Founder and CEO of the David Steele Enterprises, Don Bassler, says that, “Young people may not listen to parents or party hosts, but they do listen to their iPods. Parents who have given the iBreath to family members confirm that iBreath users are more aware of their alcohol consumption and when they should not drive. It also makes a great holiday gift.”

Evidently, the iBreath, along with aiding the user to keep a check on their blood alcohol content, also contains FM transmitter, which is apparently capable of wirelessly sending iPod tunes to any FM radio.

This is supposedly a very easy to use device. The user has to fold out the blow wand and exhale in it, for duration of 5 seconds. Apparently, within seconds the device informs the user, if they are in the legal limit to drive a vehicle. Moreover, it’s contains a timer as well, which apparently has the capability to inform the user to take the test again. It’s stated that the timer can be set from anywhere from 1 minute to 8 hours.

Being a holiday season, people are encouraged to party and join in the celebrations, and parties are usually considered incomplete without alcohol intake. Thus this product could prove to be a life saver in many ways. It’s stated that the iBreath enables partying people to keep a check on their alcohol content if they are going to drive an automobile. Apparently, the iBreath aids legal-age alcohol drinking adults to party intelligently and responsibly.

The National Center for Injury and Prevention Control estimates that, in the U.S., there is around one alcohol-related motor vehicle death every 30 seconds. Also that, every two minutes, someone gets injured in such accidents.

It’s believed that the iBreath breathalyzer could be of a great help in reducing and curbing the rate of the occurrence of such accidents. It’s hoped that this latest invention may aid in bringing a stop to drunk driving.