Unbound Medicine Logo, Android Phones Unbound Medicine has commercially introduced medical applications for the Android Mobile Platform. This application may be available to the smartphones compatible with the Android mobile O/S platform from Google.

Already having released applications for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm, this is believed to be Unbound Medicine’s first step into Android support. This wide-ranging accessibility of applications for various handheld devices may in turn give healthcare personnel the option to get medical updates through their selected device.

The release of Android is believed to have reinforced the stature of Unbound as the prominent provider of latest medical information through the web or mobile devices, for healthcare personnel.

The list of Unbound Medicine products available for Android is believed to consist of Davis’s Drug Guide and Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary from F.A. Davis; The Merck Manual from Merck & Co, Inc.; and the Five-Minute Clinical Consult from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. All of these products are stated to be of great help to physicians by providing them with answers, which are just a few clicks away.

Apart from this, even Nursing Central and uCentral may be available for use after being downloaded to these Android devices. They may prove to be beneficial for institutions and individuals alike.

Claude Johns, an anesthetist and clinical instructor, Jackson Hospital and Clinics, Montgomery, Alabama, says that, “I am very pleased with the performance of Unbound’s new Android applications. Not only can I look up the latest drug profile or view an anatomical illustration while I’m in the operating room, but I also can share that information with my students right in the O.R.”

Philip Peterson, chief technology officer of Unbound Medicine, says that, “Unbound is the first medical information company to support the Android platform because we believe it will have a significant impact on the mobile marketplace. Android has all the advantages of a modern device operating system – speed, network savvy, and high-end graphics. Further, it excels because it is an open platform that enables developers and device manufacturers to make products targeted to the needs of specific user groups such as healthcare professionals.”

Uniting forces with Android, Unbound applications include easy-to-scan text, bookmarking, rapid search, high resolution images, extensive cross-linking between resources, integrated audio and even accessibility to about 18 million journal articles in MEDLINE. Seemingly it was also noted that incorporating an Unbound Medicine application onto an Android device may be quite simple.