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In an age where everything is easily available in “super-saver” price it may get a little difficult to maintain one’s weight. It would not be wrong to estimate that around seven out of ten people may be trying to shed the excess kilos piled up through years of care-free food indulgence. Irrespective of one’s nature everyone has to put up a huge fight in the battle of the bulge! However it is also very crucial to understand that one needs to lose body fat and not body muscle. The loss of body fat if taken place in the right manner may result in a healthy and well toned body.

If asked to list out the benefits of a healthy weight one could go on singing its praises for hours. But do not fret we won’t be doing that right now. However what we will do for our readers is to list out possible ways through which they could try to achieve a healthy weight. You may already be aware of various techniques of losing weight. But as much as losing excess weight is important, the route through which this weight loss is achieved is equally important. In fact if we may say so the technique through which weight loss is taken place may prove to be relatively more important! Certain crucial factors are required to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that you do not harm yourself or your body in the bargain.

Crash-diets or weight loss pills may only initially “aid” an individual in losing weight. Apart from later regaining the “lost” kilos, such diets or pills could even have various short and long term ill effects on the overall health of a person. In order to truly benefit and relish the fruits of weight loss, it may be very essential for a person to achieve their desired end result in a correct and a healthy manner.

So we have illustrated a few essential pointers below, which we feel may be helpful in losing excess weight in a healthy manner. Now getting straight to the point lets take a look at these potential weight loss pointers:

1.) The oldest rule in the book of healthy weight loss would be to lose weight through Exercise. And true to this fact, exercise leads to weight loss in a healthy way without negatively affecting one’s health. More so, it may also have a positive effect on both your mental as well as physical health. But having said that we would also like to stress the importance of exercising in the right way! If a person does not exercise in the right way then instead of losing weight they may develop various other physiological ailments. Another important criterion that we would like to lay emphasis on would be to know which kind of exercise is suitable for you depending on your body type and structure. Under proper guidance, one could possibly practice yoga, aerobics, meditation, pilates etc. for effective weight loss.

2.) Apart from exercise what one consumes could also prove to be vital. Instead of snacking on fried or junk foodstuffs it may be better to keep ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables at hand. Munching on fresh fruits and veggies may ensure that a person feels full and as a result may not crave for unhealthy snacks. Apart from reducing waist size, including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in one’s diet may also have various other benefits on the over all health of a person.

3.) Substituting water with the intake of coffee, soda or alcohol may be helpful to an individual in keeping excess calories at bay. In fact it is often believed that thirst may usually be confused with hunger! So therefore before reaching out for the fridge you may want to consider sipping on a little water just to be on the safer side. Apart from ensuring that you don’t misconstrue thirst with hunger, drinking adequate water is also believed to help in keeping the body well hydrated, supple and rejuvenated.

4.) Consuming a well balanced meal may ensure that the body gets sufficient amount of all the essential nutrients in the required amount. By depriving the body of food you may possibly be doing the most frequently committed mistake people do to lose weight. On the contrary eating 5-6 small meals per day may do the trick. But this does not mean that you can guiltlessly gulp down all your favorite goodies more often throughout the day! By “eating 5-6 small meals per day,” we mean to say that possibly having lesser calories spread throughout the number of meals consumed in a day may prove to be helpful in weight loss. By doing so the body is constantly provided with the essential nutrients and energy which in turn may aid in increasing the rate of metabolism in an individual. And we all know that the rate of metabolism is believed to be the deciding factor which determines the rate at which the body burns calories. Therefore by supplying your body with constant energy and nutrients, you may be inadvertently increasing your body’s metabolic rate of burning fat or excess calories.

5.) Make the right food and lifestyle choices. By replacing one’s old habits with a few healthy alternatives may produce significant results in the long run. For instance, instead of going for that cup of coffee in the morning you could opt for a glass of skimmed milk or fresh orange juice. Physical activities like walking, jogging, yoga, aerobics, etc. may prove to be useful in weight loss. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator may prove to be a better route to weight loss.

6.) Baked and boiled food items may prove to be a better alternative to fried foodstuffs. With prior consultation the inclusion of high-fiber foodstuffs, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, proteins, etc. in your daily meals may aid in achieving the desired goal. Reducing the intake of foodstuffs high in sugar and fats may also turn out to be good for your over-all health.

7.) Taking small bites and chewing food slowly are also believed to be helpful in weight loss in the long run. Getting enough sleep may also be crucial for weight loss. However this does not mean that one should cut down on the daily required amount of sleep; on the contrary it also does not mean that one should oversleep more than the required amount. The phrase, “Everything is good in moderation,” may hold true in this stanza.

8.) Set realistic short-term goals for yourself. And once you make some progress you could possibly encourage yourself with rewards that you may have craved for a long time. Other than food, you could possibly reward yourself with new clothes that fit you the best, a visit to a friend, watch a highly awaited movie or may be even read an interesting book.

With this thought we have come to the end of our article. With weight loss being a major issue with maximum people, it would be a refreshing change to see oneself lose those stubborn kilos behind. Apart from helping oneself to lose weight, a healthy approach to life also ensures a better over-all quality of life. However we would strongly recommend our readers to take prior consultation with your family physician or qualified personnel before implementing or adopting any new exercise or dietary regime.