Zeo Sleep Coach Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise! We have learnt about the importance of good sleep right from our childhood days. Today amidst our hectic schedules it is difficult to maintain our sound sleep. The new Zeo personal sleep couch seems to help combat this problem.

Zeo personal sleep coach is stated to be an educational and motivational program that observes the users’ sleep pattern and helps them understand the habits and behaviors that disturb or help their sleep. This sleep coach may also suggest new ways for better sleep.

In order to use this device, it is noted that users need to wear the given headband each night. This headband apparently employs SoftWave sensor technology that may record the sleep patterns through the natural electrical signals produced by the brain. An Institutional Review Board-approved study conducted in 2008 is believed to have validated the accuracy of the SoftWave sleep phasing technology.

The sleep coach is believed to display a graph showing light, deep and REM sleep over the course of the night as well as the personal sleep score called ZQ when the user wakes up in the morning. Apart from this, one may also review the sleep data of about two weeks, as the coach stores this data for future easy viewing. Besides, it is also stated that the bedside display helps one compare the previous night’s sleep quality to earlier nights.

We tend to feel groggy when we wake up from deep sleep. This may be avoided using the optional SmartWake alarm. This alarm is said to search for a natural awakening point according to the sleep patterns. It may at the max choose a time within half-hour of the set time. This is noted to be an easier way to wake up.

Moreover, the bedside display is believed to help the user to upload their personal sleep data on the myZeo Personal Coaching website using an SD card and a USB adapter. This may help spotting the users’ sleeping trends.

This sleep coach is believed to come with a sleep journal that may enable users to perceive the effect of lifestyle, environmental, and consumption factors on their sleep. It is also believed to provide the seven sleep stealers that disrupt ones’ sleep. These sleep stealers apparently include health issues, anxiety and stress, disruptive bedroom environment, inconsistent sleep schedule, stimulating nighttime activities, poor sleep diet as well as bedmates, kids and pets.

In addition to this, Zeo’s online tools is said to explain the night after night changing ZQ scores and morning feels. It may also help notice the cause and effect patterns in the users sleep.

Zeo sleep coach is also said to come with a seven step sleep fitness program evidently developed by the Zeo team of sleep scientists. It includes evaluating sleep fitness, adopting a relaxed way of sleep, building a bedroom sanctuary, optimizing the sleep schedule, adopting power down hour, modifying eating and sleeping habits and harmonizing with the housemates. This program may help set certain goals and also grant customized strategies to achieve them. The program is stated to keep users informed about the latest sleep research and also give recommendations that may help users track beneficial items for themselves. Users are apparently given the choice of skipping, restarting or repeating any step of the program.

Two new abstracts of the study are believed to soon be presented at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies yearly meeting in Seattle.