University Of GothenburgNumerous studies have claimed that consuming fatty food could be harmful to our health. Now a thesis from Sahlgrenska Academy alleges to have apparently discovered new confirmation that fatty food is injurious to one’s health and could also weaken the immune system.

As part of the thesis, the mice fed on the lard-based diet where about 60 per cent of their entire calories were from fat. They were then pitted against the mice which were put on a low-fat diet, where supposedly no more than ten per cent of their calories were from fat.

As predicted, the mice on the high-fat diet apparently got plumper. An astonishing consequence was that their immune system appeared to be weakened. The white blood cells is said to have deteriorated by tackling the bacteria in the blood, which could have added to the several dying of sepsis.

Doctoral student Louise Strandberg who wrote the thesis, commented, “Obesity is usually associated with inflammation that does not result from an infection, which simply means that the immune defences are activated unnecessarily. Ironically, the mice on the high-fat diet seem to have a less active immune system when they really need it.”

Overweight people are also believed to be at a bigger possibility of catching an infection. In mice, the thesis illustrated that it is the fatty food than obesity in itself which could influence the capability to combat sepsis caused by bacteria.

Strandberg has also apparently examined diverse alternatives of three genes that could be imperative for the immune system. The expert also observed that numerous gene variants that toughen immunity could also lead to less obesity.