Clean Home

Are you tired of suffering from constant cold, coughs or other common allergies? Well do you know that most of these infections can also originate from your own home? Picking up infections from your own house is the last thing you can actually think of. A healthy and cheerful person indicates a healthy home. So it is our responsibility to keep our home clean and healthy.

Here are some useful tips as to how you can keep your home far from all the contaminants that can cause infections.

Keep the house dry: Nurturing environment for insects like mites, roaches, molds, rodents etc are linked to damp houses. They in turn may increase the risk of people falling ill. So one must keep their house dry to evade this problem. One way of dealing with ground water seeped wet walls would be to tile them. Stone tiles in varied colors and designs are available to give an aesthetic touch.

Keep the home clean and mess-free: A neat and tidy house goes a long way in protecting health of its residents. Cluttered homes provide multiple breeding places. Clean homes certainly help in keeping diseases away as a well a clean home has little chances of insects or contaminants being found.

Avoid smoking in the house: Several people fall prey to lung diseases due to smoking. Not only smokers, but people around them may also suffer from various problems due to passive smoking. Some of the symptoms of passive smoking include dizziness, eye irritation, coughing, headache, sore throat and nausea.

Keep the home well ventilated: Contaminants and allergens like dust and byproducts from heating and cooking can cause respiratory problems. One of the most important things for proper ventilation is to keep your windows open. Bad air gets trapped inside when windows are closed. Breathing bad air can set the stage for future lung diseases.

Keep the home pest-free: Another significant item in the list is to have a pest-free home. It is a widely known fact that insects contribute to the development of several diseases, as they thrive on filth. Cockroaches shed feces and skins that can set off allergic reactions frequently connected with asthma and other respiratory problems. Pesticides have to be prudently used as they themselves can cause problems instead of providing solutions.

Keep the home dust free: Chemical exposures like lead, radon, pesticides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and environmental tobacco smoke are extremely injurious to health since they contain a high degree of allergens. Contaminant free homes will have much lesser health issues as compared to those whose houses are not.

Check furnaces and water heaters on a regular basis: It is quite dangerous to have a gas leak as it can be fatal. Gas tubes need to be changed at least once a year. Check the color of the flame. A sky blue color is appropriate while yellow means presence of impurities in the supply.

Keep a bathroom window that can open: A window or at least an exhaust fan ought to be present to pull the steam out of the air. Wet, humid bathrooms in small amounts perhaps won’t hurt you; but an accumulation could pose a health issue. A person would be sweating, after a shower, leading to clogged pores, instead of feeling fresh.

Grow Plants: When it is scorching hot outside, you can cool the interiors by keeping some plants in your house. They clean the air and pump oxygen into your house. They are aesthetically appealing and soothing for the nerves. Living and organic objects like plants can boost the vitality both of the person and the environment.

Avoid products with formaldehyde: If you have bought something containing formaldehyde like pressed wood and carpets into your home make sure the area is well ventilated. Severe allergic reactions like breathing difficulty, hives or constriction in the chest are noted to be some of the side effects of formaldehyde.

Change towels Regularly: Multiple people using the same towels set the ground for infections to spread easily. Kitchen counter towels are by far the best carriers of germs as they work very hard in cleaning. They can be washed in washing machines with a setting of high temperature and with addition of disinfectants. Better still would be use of disposable paper towels.

Keep appliances clean: One must wipe down the refrigerator and microwave handles, the oven handle, and other appliance handles and faucets with an antibacterial solution several times. This would prevent spreading of infections as these appliances handle food and constant contact with them makes one susceptible to infections.

We hope these tips will help you in the long run to keep your home healthy. This in turn will aid you in turning out to be a healthy and fit individual. Everybody associates their home with safety and security. But is it?