Ladybiz 3.0 AppiPhone apps are getting more and more innovative over time. This app is designed to cater to women’s health. Flatcaracker Software rolled out a new iPhone app known as Lady Biz 3.0 that facilitates women to document and trail imperative every day health details. It includes menstruation details, sleep patterns, waking temperature, weight, and more.

Lady Biz 3.0 was developed by Shane and Karin McLean. For several years they were unsuccessful in conceiving a child. All the doctors and specialists wanted them to follow and account for several detailed information. To maintain a precise record for the subsequent doctor’s appointment turned into quite a nightmare.

Karin McLean, commented, “My husband created Lady Biz for me while we were trying to conceive. During that time, it helped me track my cycles, waking temperature, and intimacy…everything my doctor needed me to track. Before Lady Biz, I was tracking it all on paper, but Lady Biz made it a no-brainer and the password protection ensures the information stays between me and my doctor.”

Karen McLean, added, “I believe I finally got pregnant because I helped my doctors pinpoint the best solution for me. I used Lady Biz through my pregnancy to track vitamins, exercise, and weight. Since giving birth, it’s been the perfect way to track my pregnancy weight loss and is helping me get on track with my new cycles.”

With a spontaneous and user-friendly interface, women may find that maintaining trail of relevant health data can sanction them to be a co-owner in their health associated efforts. Crisp and communicative graphs and trend reports can be crafted from the information that is gathered. Karen McLean stated that the reporting feature enabled her to easily email reports directly to her doctor, or refer to them when those important appointment questions were asked.

The Lady Biz 3.0 app can be purchased for $3.99 from the iTunes app store.