Jawbone UP Though most individuals promise to lead a healthy lifestyle, more often than not we fail in our endeavors often due to everyday work schedules. How about a product keeping a record of our habits and dropping timely recommendations? With this vision, Jawbone has launched UP that will seemingly inspire individuals to live a healthy life.

According to CDC, diseases caused due to lifestyle such as heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer lead to even more deaths than other contagious diseases. Studies show that quality eating, good sleep, and more mobility may prohibit most of these conditions.

“We are excited to share our vision at TEDGlobal because this epidemic will take an entire community to affect a global change. TED is a community of thought leaders that can help propel this idea into a global movement. We’re passionate about creating products for the mobile lifestyle that people love to use everyday. And now, we’re harnessing that passion to approach a major global issue – health. We are focused on creating a highly accessible solution for this particular space that integrates seamlessly into a user’s daily life with the goal of making it absolutely easy for them to live better,” shared Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman.

The company’s potent and partner ecosystem integrating robust computing and sensor technology are leveraged with UP in the form of a functional jewelry. This product will apparently keep tabs on the motion, sequences of sleep and eating habits of individuals to encourage an energetic way of life. The mechanism is a form of wristband that tracks the routine of persons round the clock and constitutes a mobile app that seeks to examine the activities. Finally, there is a broad platform that provides motivation with personal or social guidelines and suggestions. It also comprises challenges that are designed specifically to help users attain their objective.

UP by Jawbone is slated to hit markets later this year.