No discussion about treatments and remedies for hair loss and baldness can be complete without a mention of wigs or Toupees. And there’s a reason why. Besides obviously coughing up support for the obvious that is covering up a balding head, wigs also work at giving the wearer an easy solution. More often than not, they are also low on cost in terms of both availability and maintenance.

Wigs Hair Treatment


Wigs are things of the past now, only used in tasteless comedies and in flash-backs. The wigs of today are not called wigs. They are called hair pieces, hair solutions and a host of other technical sounding terms. The basic idea remains the same though. Human, animal or artificial hair, woven onto a net or other substratum is worn to cover a bald or thinning spot.


Wigs go back thousands of years and have been used both to improve aesthetic and indicate rank. In some countries, the judiciary still sports powdered wigs.

Wig and Toupees are still widely used in theater and performing arts. Toupees are generally smaller than wigs. These are patches worn to cover a bald or thinning spot. People with conditions that cause hair fall and people under going radio therapy for cancer also require wigs.


As with hair extensions, adhesives may be used to harness the wig. Some wigs are to be simply worn like a cap. It is advisable to go to a stylist so he can blend the wig in. Very rarely do wigs look inconspicuous. To get a natural look, a skilled stylist is required and for that, you need to spend money. A wig can be woven into existing natural hair if enough of it remains. In this case, it would be called a hair weave.


The only place you would remember wigs being sold would be costume shops but these are not the ideal places to make your purchase. You will find wig shops but most will not look current enough to you. This is where modern ‘studios’ score. Be sure to do your research before you make your purchase. This feature aims to help you do precisely that.

How much?

The cheapest wig may cost you as less as Rs. 500 but it won’t be far from looking like a dead raccoon on your head! For Rs. 5000, you can get a decent wig that is somewhat custom made for you. Some international ‘trichology centers’ will sell you solutions that cost as much as Rs. 40,000. These are essentially wigs but named more agreeably. Feedback has varied so far. Some people feel that the same wig is being sold to you at an extra-ordinary mark-up. Others see value in going for something that seems to have some research behind it and is endorsed by famous people. Recently, one such company was asked to stop airing its ads in the UK as the country’s regulatory watchdog deemed it misleading. So, due diligence is called for.

Maintenance and Precautions

The first precaution off course would be to make sure it doesn’t fall off. The place you buy it from will probably brief you on how to use the wig. It would be a good idea to wear it at home so you are comfortable in it before braving the outside world. This will also alert you to what not to do with it lest you discover in the bathroom mirror that you have been looking very silly for the past three hours! It is bound to feel uncomfortable and itchy in the beginning. If the itching persists at uncomfortable levels, go back to the store/stylist for an adjustment.

‘Trichology centers’ will also load you with maintenance therapies and accessories that will cost a bomb. So while deciding your budget, leave some leeway for extra costs.

Final Verdict

Thinking you can wear a wig without anyone noticing is being naïve. It is more for the wearer’s own satisfaction that the onlooker’s benefit. Also, once you start wearing a wig, you can’t go a day without it for the sake of consistency. It adds to things you need to do routinely. Overtime, you get used to it but it sure is inconvenient.

For those who do not wish to go for invasive procedures but can’t stand the sight of that bald spot, wigs are a good option. Once you decide, go for a professional wig maker who can customize the wig for you. Also, being stingy on the cost is not a good idea because this is an accessory to be worn for long periods every day.

Finally, do not expect miraculous makeovers. The people you see on TV have highly paid professionals continuously looking after them and their styling. Also, remember that they are paid for how they look.

– Punit Pania