Expert Melanoma Gene A few days back we heard about the calcium and vitamin D combo to be advantageous for people suffering from melanoma. More recently, scientists from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) have uncovered 2 genetic variants that may increase melanoma risk.

The researchers examined the DNA of over 2000 individuals with melanoma and about 4000 in the control group. They are hopeful that this finding will help them spot the individuals with more chances of developing this skin cancer.

“This new finding is exciting as early diagnosis is critical in melanoma to improve the outcome of people who develop the disease. Identifying these variants is an essential step toward determining accurate risk estimates for the disease,” commented Dr MacGregor, QIMR researcher.

He added that the 2 variants unfolded did not supposedly show responses by altering skin pigmentation or mole count. One of the variants seemingly contributed to the restoration of DNA following harm by UV rays, while the other one apparently led to tumor development.

Dr. MacGregor adds that gauging the genetics of melanoma could pave the path to better diagnosis and treatment of the condition. However, he specifies that taking precautionary measures is essential. He urges everyone to use sunscreens, wear hats, sunglasses and outfits with long sleeves when they are exposed to the sun. This is applicable even in winter as the melanoma risk factor is prevalent throughout the year.

The research will be published in the journal, Nature Genetics.