No Smoking

Those who have resolved to ward off smoking this New Year may want to read this tidbit. As per Department of Health (DH) experts conducting the new NHS Smokefree research, many smokers are understating the negative effects of smoking on their health and pockets.

Reportedly, about 53% of smokers underestimated the death rates arising due to smoking. Almost 58% of smokers understated the number of long term smokers dying early due to diseases caused by the habit. Nearly 35% of smokers did not acknowledge deaths of people occurring due to cancer. Notably, about 8% of smokers are of the opinion that the habit cannot harm their health or lead to early mortality.

Anne Milton, Public Health Minister commented, “Quitting smoking is the very best thing you can do to improve your health this New Year. What’s clear is that the majority of smokers want to quit smoking and free NHS help is available to help them quit for good.The new and improved NHS Quit Kit is available in chemists who are working with us across England and will give smokers who want to give up advice, information and tools to help them enjoy a healthier 2012.”

Smokers also seemed to underestimate the financial influences of the habit. The report also revealed that many smokers continued smoking as they believed they lacked willpower and were stressed. However, the truth is that smoking elevates stress levels in the body.

An important initiative called the NHS Quit Kit has been developed by the team that comprises practical tools and avenues to help smokers quit.