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Though most of the people already know that vegetables and fruits add healthy glow to the skin, how many of them actually conform to it? Well, scientists from the University of St. Andrews have revealed that eating about 5 different vegetables or fruits in a day could add more luster to the skin.

As part of the investigation, about 35 students were tracked for a span of 6 weeks. Subtle changes occurring in their bodies along with changes in their complexions were taken note of. While a golden skin tone seemed to be noticeable among those on healthy diets, a fall in skin color was apparent among those who failed to consume adequate fruits and vegetables.

Dr Gozde Ozakinci, a Lecturer in Health Psychology at St Andrews, quoted, “Appearance can be a powerful motivator. It is being used in other health campaigns to persuade people to avoid smoking, excessive sun exposure and alcohol consumption, all of which may speed up ageing. Our research points to the different benefits of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables on a healthy skin appearance.”

With most people opting for hard-core alternatives to maintain healthy skin, the solution could lie in simple alterations to diet. Healthy eating has always been promoted world over, but most individuals are not motivated enough to actually step into it. As a team member Ross Whitehead puts it, the feeling that eating fruits and vegetables could make people look attractive in some days may be more influential, than other health aspects promised by such a diet.

This study titled, ‘Appealing to Vanity: Could Potential Appearance Improvement Motivate Fruit and Vegetable Consumption?’ is published in the American Journal of Public Health.