Eating takeaway pizzas is typical of people in urban locations. A fresh report from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) UK has revealed that takeaway pizzas apparently contain 2 and half folds high amounts of salt than regular supermarket pizzas.

This study is part of the Consensus Action on Salt and Health survey. As per the results, about half of the takeaway pizzas seemed to contain salt in proportions equal to the complete recommendation of the same per serving.

Notably, almost 3 quarters of supermarket pizzas presently met the guidelines related to salt reduction issued by the Department of Health. Comparatively, only one-fifth of takeaway pizzas conformed to this target set by professionals.

“Nobody would choose to eat an entire teaspoon of salt in one go, yet by eating some of these pizzas, that’s what we’re doing.“We need clear traffic light labelling, in takeaway restaurants as well as on supermarket shelves, to help us all understand what’s really in the food we are buying,” Victoria Taylor, our Senior Heart Health Dietitian.

As mentioned above, eating one pizza may be equal to having a full tea spoon of salt in one go. Though this sounds impossible, that is precisely what most of us are doing while snacking on takeaway pizzas.

The team concluded by urging individuals to adopt healthier eating options in terms of the food content. Also, manufacturers need to include easy-to-understand data on food labels to help users select the right food as per their health. High salt consumption may never be a good idea with the incidence of lifestyle diseases on an up-swing at the moment.