Fat Lady

Are we winning the war against obesity amidst newer weight loss avenues coming our way? The medical fraternity along with a team from the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges is all set to launch a worldwide campaign against the obesity epidemic.

The team will jointly work towards reducing obesity across different sections of the people. The methods they adopt will revolve around 5 main areas. Firstly, individual strategies which include workout, dieting and parental guidance will be covered. Secondly, environmental variables like food labels, marketing, local policies and others will be scrutinized. Thirdly, clinical practices like medicines, supplements, surgeries and other ways by which professionals can help people combat obesity will be studied.

Professor Sir Neil Douglas, Chair of the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges, remarked, “This won’t be just another report that sits on the shelf and gathers dust; it will form the bedrock of our ongoing campaigning activity. We are absolutely determined to push for whatever changes need to happen to make real progress in tackling – which is why we’re casting the net wide to get input from a range of organisations and individuals.”

Fourthly, fiscal means that include, taxes on food, sodas, food prices and so on are included. Lastly, measures surrounding the education sector like schools or public data will be noted. The first report developed by the investigators will be released after some months.

With the increasing incidence of obesity in the UK and other places, an intense effort is required to fight it. Both childhood and adult obesity need to be tackled, as the present statistics indicate that the figures may rise substantially by the year 2020.