Happy Woman ‘Be happy and forget all worries’ ought to be the latest mantra for a stress free life. And that too when being optimistic could protect people from conditions like stroke or heart attack, as per a British Heart Foundation (BHF) report.

The investigators observed nearly 200 studies to reach this conclusion. They found that mental well-being including a positive outlook and emotion seemed to impede the development of heart disease. The findings are consistent with previous studies showing how an anxious and depressed mind may have a negative impact on the heart.

Maureen Talbot, BHF Senior Cardiac Nurse, cited, “The association between heart disease and mental health is very complex and still not fully understood. Although this study didn’t look at the effects of stress, it does confirm what we already know which is that psychological wellbeing is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, just like staying active andeating healthily.”

Basically, the team urged professionals to consider both, the physical and mental state of patients. After all there should definitely be a link between a stress-free life and physical illnesses, with so many studies talking about it.

However, the investigators did not precisely take note of the influences of stress on people. The results essentially suggested that psychological well-being may hold the key to an active and healthy way of life. This may subsequently make people less vulnerable to diseases that can be controlled via simple lifestyle modifications.