Cooking Food

After a recent study revealed the concerns surrounding Atkins diet, a new study conducted by experts at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has disclosed that this kind of diet could raise the risk of heart disease. In the study that was conducted, it was seen that 4 to 5 additional heart disease cases surfaced each year among people sticking to a high-protein and low-carb diet.

The team put forth an important advice to all nutrition experts that balanced eating is what is important in terms of good health. All sorts of nutrients are required for the body and so it would be disadvantageous to discard a certain kind of food and gobble up more of the other.

Victoria Taylor, BHF Senior Dietitian, cited, “This study highlights the need for us to achieve balance in our diets, rather than pitting nutrients against each other.“Don’t feel you have to choose between carbohydrates or protein – a bit of both is better for your long term heart health. Eating a mixture of all food groups, rather than cutting anything out completely, will help you to stay healthy inside and out.”

A diet constituting low fat dairy products, proteins, cereals, grains, high-fiber carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables is healthy, the team said. It has fats, proteins and carbohydrates, making the platter complete in the true sense. Such a diet may not only be beneficial for weight loss, but could protect against other conditions too, including cardiovascular disease.

In another trial that was conducted recently, a low-glycemic diet constituting all of the above ingredients was cited to be good for health.