Fat Lady

Scientists from the Manchester Metropolitan University have found a new weight loss solution in the form of chillies. According to the team, chillies may serve as a ‘triple threat’ to fat.

Basically, an ingredient of chilly called capsaicin comes into play here. This substance is apparently responsible for the spicy taste of chillies. It is this constituent which raises the body’s metabolism and helps shedding of calories. Moreover, capsaicin helps reduce body fat and lowers appetite.

“If you eat chilli consistently for a good period of time, yes it will help you lose weight. I also found that it has its greatest effect on central obesity, that is, the fat found round the stomach, which is the unhealthiest type of fat,” cited PhD researcher Stephen Whiting.

Reported in the journal, Appetite, the study showed how chillies could aid weight loss in three different ways. The chilly compound functions in the body by causing an adrenaline rush in the body. This leads to increased metabolism similar to that seen with the body’s own fight or flight mechanism. Moreover, this fat-fighting substance also influences the body’s hormone levels to decrease the appetite further.

As the lead author puts it, eating chillies regularly could help attain weight loss. Importantly, it could reduce belly fat, which is known to be the most challenging to lose. Recently, black pepper was cited to work for weight loss.

Basically, the spicy ingredient called capsaicin reduces central obesity, which is the most difficult part of weight loss.