Premature Baby

A team from the University of Adelaide has put forward risk factors for premature birth among pregnant women, of which marijuana use seems to top the list. The scientists believed that premature birth is not to be taken lightly, considering that it could have long term negative impact on kids.

For the analysis, approximately, 3,000 pregnant women were inspected. The results are carried in the journal, PloS One. Some of the risk factors that came forward include family history, pre-eclampsia, vaginal bleeding and diabetes amongst others. Marijuana use apparently increased the risk of premature delivery by 2 folds.

“Our study has found that the risk factors for both forms of preterm birth vary greatly, with a wide variety of health conditions and histories impacting on preterm birth. Better understanding the risk factors involved in preterm birth moves us another step forward in potentially developing a test – genetic or otherwise – that will help us to predict with greater accuracy the risk of preterm birth. Our ultimate aim is to safeguard the lives of babies and their health in the longer term,” cited Professor Dekker, who is the lead author of the study.

Women undergoing hormonal treatments, family inheritance of gestational diabetes, mild hypertension, and BMI less than 20 were some other potential risk factors for preterm birth. In medical terms, a delivery is labeled as preterm when the child is born almost a minimum of 3 weeks prior to its due date. There are many reports suggesting the possible health concerns surrounding premature children.

Though inherited factors are not in our control, habits like marijuana use during pregnancy ought to be discontinued.