Cola, Chocolate Bars and Potato Chips Nutritionists have finally come up with a list of five most damaging foodstuffs for man. Do read on to see whether you could be doing great harm to your body.

  • Sweet carbonated soft drinks- In fact, they are designed to cause thirst instead of quenching it. All of them have huge sugar content; a glass of cola contains an equivalent of five tablespoons of sugar.
  • Potato Chips- Potato chips are sheer poison, especially those made of potato puree. The chips are basically a mixture of carbohydrates and fat with some artificial food additives thrown in to enhance flavor.
  • Sweet candy bars- A high content of sugar combined with various food additives makes this high-calorie food pretty addictive. However it should be noted that dark chocolate helps to reduce the risk of hearth disease. According to a study, choclates also help to reduce blood clots and heart attacks. That said, choclate should not be eaten in excess.
  • Franfurters, Mortadella and Pates- Frankfurters, kielbasa, mortadella, pates and other foodstuffs containing the so-called hidden fat. These foods are disguised as meat yet they are actually made of lard, internal fat and pork skin up to 40% by the weight. A variety of food additives helps do the trick.
  • Meats- Meats with high fat content, especially when fried.
  • To maintain good health, the above mentioned foods should try to be avoided. Even though these foods are so delicious and tempting to the taste buds, they could cause more harm than good.