Grapefruit Although grapefruit has been known to keep heart as well as gum diseases at bay, a new study has found that it can be dangerous for women. The study found that grapefruit increases the risk of breast cancer by almost a third.

According to researchers, this happens because easting the fruit can give oestrogen levels a boost.

These findings were based on a study that was carried out by researchers at the universities of Southern California and Hawaii that included over 50,000 post-menopausal women from five ethnic groups.

The researchers said, “Whole grapefruit intake was significantly associated with breast cancer in the present study-generally a 30% increase among women who consume the equivalent of one quarter of a grapefruit or more per day.”

The study found evidence that grapefruit increases plasma oestrogen concentrations.

“Since it is well established that oestrogen is associated with breast cancer risk, it is plausible that regular intake of grapefruit would increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer,” they added.