Lifeline image Recently, a department of Lifeline Multi-specialty Hospital called the Lifelife Institute of Fertility Expertise (LIFE) was inaugurated in Chennai, India. LIFE comprises seven members as of now and is headed by Dr.Uma Ramesh.

Infertility among couples is surely on the rise with around 15 to 20% of married couples affected by this problem.

According to Dr. J S Rajkumar, chairman, Lifeline Multi-specialty Hospitals, “There is an increase in infertility among young couples mainly due to the stress, anxiety, long working hours and unhygienic food. At Lifeline, we have set up a high-end fertility clinic which would not only treat these couples but also counsel them.”

LIFE was inaugurated by the Tamil Nadu Minister for Social Welfare, Poonothai Aladi Aruna. In her inaugural address she said that one should be aware that infertility is the outcome of poor sexual practice. Sustained medical practice and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases will prevent up to 30 to 40% of infertility.

She also added that the Indian Council for Medical Research has unveiled guidelines to regulate infertility treatment in India.
LIFE offers treatments ranging from Simple Intrauterine Insemination to IVF/ ICSI (test tube babies) along with a Certified Sperm and Embryo Bank as a part of this department.

They also have Micromanipulaor, Cryo Preservation Unit & Laminar Air Flow. This department comprises the latest equipment with an in-house delivery suite for high-risk pregnant patients.

The high-end instruments in the department, experience of the personnel, maintenance and handling of the lab makes this fertility unit a fully equipped one.

“We at Lifeline are currently providing various modalities in our department which includes Counselling, Ovulation induction, follicular studies, sedimentation method and in vitro fertilization. And we are also planning to expand our division into oocyte freezing, laser assisted hatching and pregnatic diagnosis in the near future,” said Dr. Uma Ramesh in her address.