Microsoft logo Microsoft plans to come out with a system that will monitor the health and mental state of computer users. The software giant has even filed a patent through the US Patent and Trade Office.

This patent generally outlines a system that checks the computer use of an employee, by logging actions such as Web pages visited or even the word typed.

Microsoft’s new technology will monitor and analyze computer users’ physical activity. It could be of much use to companies who generally like to see to the needs of their employees.

It would help them keep in check the health of their employees, further boosting productivity. It could also be used to detect whether the people being monitored need assistance, according to Microsoft.

This system from Microsoft matches the actions in real time with one’s heart rate, breathing, body temperature, facial expressions and blood pressure using wireless sensors.

“This particular patent application, in general, describes an innovation aimed at improving activity monitoring systems and uses the monitoring of user heart rate as an example of the kind of physical state that could be monitored to detect when users need assistance with their activities, and to offer assistance by putting them in touch with other users who may be able to help,” said Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft’s vice president of intellectual property and licensing.