Appetizing food It’s a very nice feeling when you have managed to keep up to the promises and maintained a healthy diet all throughout the weekdays but the Friday night creeps into your diet regime and ruins all the hard work in just 2 days time. It would be wiser if the diet plan is sensibly planned and maintained through the weekend too as it can hamper the diet schedule badly.

The weekend is that time of the week when we release ourselves to the temptations that reside in us throughout the week, thus results into binging and eating unhealthy foodstuffs. Dr Karen Collins, R.D who has written about the study on MSNBC suggests, “While an occasional indulgence is certainly okay, refrain from grabbing everything you see. Instead, choose a few selections that really give you pleasure and let other options pass.”

Collins notes that weekends are the time when the alcohol starts to flow, thus one should be very careful of the alcohol intake as well and it may do a lot of damage to the strict diet pattern as well and get you back to square one. Rather than losing out to eat more, the diet can be modified and it can be combined with treating the body to a few temptations but adhering to the same eating pattern as followed through the weekdays.