Migraine Attack Migraine patients may be happy to know that two review articles and an editorial may prove to be beneficial for better understanding their disorder. Previously migraine was believed to be a pain disorder which included separate or periodic incidents. However, now this disorder is stated to be an all-inclusive and progressive disorder.

To better evaluate this disease, experts have focused on studying the general nature and progression of migraine. Seemingly they have mainly zeroed-in on understanding the progressive nature of migraine from random to chronic episodes. The editorial, “The Future of Migraine: Beyond Just Another Pill,” was written by Roger Cady, MD, of the Headache Care Center, Springfield, Mo.

It was stated that the quality of life of migraine patients may get hampered due to their disorder. Dr. Cady says that, “Migraine is a potentially chronic, progressive disease that substantially affects patients, families, workplaces, and society. Ironically, this is the springboard for renewed optimism of a more positive future for patients living with migraine.”

Dr. Cady further also states that, “Understanding migraine as a potentially chronic disease mandates a collaborative health care model with patients and health care professionals working in a partnership toward common therapeutic goals.”

It was notably hoped that such models may also comprise of all migraine-related problems that the respective patients have to go through. Also, understanding the progression of migraine from random to continuous episodes may also aid in developing novel customized approaches to treat patients.

“Today, the focus of care is rapidly changing from the event of the migraine to the patient with migraine,” says Dr. Cady.

These experts believe that in future effective migraine treatments may be gauged through the over-all care and prevention of migraine, and not just through the prevention of an attack. This insight gained into the chronic nature of migraine is believed to be helpful for both the health care personnel and patients as well.

These articles have been presented in the issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.