Nucleus 5 Implant System

With attempts to bring a whole new class of advanced hearing instruments having several benefits Cochlear, the implantable hearing solutions provider has something to offer. Cochlear recently made known that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Nucleus 5 System developed for adults and children with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This will allow people with hearing ailments to enjoy the world of sound.

With support from highly-reliable surgeons and audiologists across the world, Cochlear has created the most progressive technology which includes a smaller and thinner device equipped with an incomparable capability for providing prime performance with enhanced user convenience. People with hearing problems will find the Nucleus 5 System integrated with the smallest, most water resistive sound processor. In fact, the Nucleus 5 System comes as the thinnest titanium cochlear implant, two-way remote assistant along with the SmartSound 2 technology and AutoPhone capability concurrently.

“Cochlear has reached a significant milestone with the introduction of the Nucleus 5 System. We have built upon our industry-leading hearing performance and reliability record with new, unique features designed to give users greater flexibility and help them hear better in difficult situations. We celebrate this milestone with the dedicated clinicians who have helped us positively impact the lives of so many people,” explained Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Americas.

The Nucleus 5 System helps in reinstating hearing ability for individuals who have severe hearing disability and who are not significantly benefited from hearing aids. It is believed to be the most highly-forward cochlear implant system in the market designed for all ages. Besides, the device comes equipped with highly-potent features that assist in reconditioning hearing in deaf children. It should enable them with its immense potential to develop the spoken language skills essential for school. Certainly adults will be benefited from its highly developed features that offer the most excelled listening options for phone use, communication in disturbing or noisy environments and music enjoyment.

“What makes this new implant so remarkable is that it is significantly smaller than Cochlear’s previous implant and any others, resulting in a more natural fit for adults and children,” stated Bruce Gantz, M.D., Professor and Head of the University of Iowa Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.

Cochlear’s recent technology advancement claims to surpass other cochlear implant systems with superior speech performance outcomes than reported for other systems. Users can now experience everyday hearing activities and bring a change to their lives with this innovative technology.

“Advancements in cochlear implant technology give users greater opportunities to participate in the hearing world,” stated Jace Wolfe, PhD., Audiologist at Hearts for Hearing Foundation. “After having been involved in the global clinical validation of the new Nucleus 5 Sound Processor, I have seen first-hand how it will enable users to more fully experience everyday hearing activities like talking on the telephone, conversing in school and work settings, and going to concerts.”

The Nucleus 5 System brings a distinctive patented electrode array design which delivers a richer, more true-to-life sound along with the Cochlear’s only SmartSound 2 technology with the latest Set It and Go program for everyday listening. Moreover, this device offers fully-integrated dual microphones for directionality and enhanced sound quality in distractive situations alongside the AutoPhone through an automatic telecoil for the most efficient phone use.

Cochlear’s new implant system for hearing disability is a blend of new functionality and existent stellar technology. People with audible ability deficiency it appears can be benefited from such an innovative and life changing technology.