Knee Brace While playing lacrosse most often players may develop knee injuries due to excess running. Experts suggest that DonJoy FullForce knee brace provides protection for lacrosse players’ knees. It was claimed that the knee brace provides a supplement support for avoiding knee injuries.

Apparently, the idle way of soothing knee pain is application of a solution like ice, heat or anti-inflammatories. The DonJoy FullForce seems to be a sleek, low profile and lightweight knee brace. Designed with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, the brace seems to be strong. The FullForce is supposedly capable of giving support to the knee in a rough game of lacrosse. It is also powered with FourcePoint hinge and 4-Points-of-Leverage technology.

Such techniques have previously been proved to decrease strain on the ACL. It was mentioned that the knee brace can not only be employed by lacrosse players, but any athletes.