Text Stem Cell Therapy Nearly all patients with a diabetic foot may be subjected to amputation. Well thanks to this piece of tidbit that amputation can now be avoided. A latest study suggests that diabetes with complications of gangrene and foot ulcer can be treated by stem cell therapy. The introduced therapy apparently treats ulcers and enhances tingling sensation on feet.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus sometimes register swelling in the toes and change of color. Then large areas of pus and deep wounds appear on the feet. Such patients are seemingly made to undergo leg amputation. However, preservation of stem cells and infusions of 300 million stem cells on each foot possibly avoids the need for amputation. Stem cell injection supposedly results in 70-80 percent improvement in pus and wounds.

After 20 years Dr. Jeong Chan Ra, Chairman of RNL Bio and colleagues witnessed an overall improvement of 90 percent in wounds along with no presence of pain or tingling. It was concluded that stem cell therapy is extremely helpful for preventing leg from amputation. The study findings seem to have a great significance in the health-space.

The study was presented at the Annual International Congress on Regenerative and Cell Based Medicine Conference on November 12, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.