Man Blood Pressure Check A study conducted in April revealed that memory impairment may be a result of sleep deprivation. Now, scientists from British Heart Foundation have put forth that senior men with poor sleep patterns may face a growing risk of high blood pressure.

The study looked at a particular sequence of sleep like reduced slow wave sleep (SWS). It is apparently a condition constituting non-rapid eye movement (REM) due to which the person faces difficulty to wake up. As per the outcomes of the analysis, men who spent 4 percent of their sleeping time in SWS, were apparently more vulnerable to high blood pressure.

Natasha Stewart, Senior Cardiac Nurse, British Heart Foundation commented, “Whilst this study does suggest a link between lack of sleep and the development of high blood pressure, it only looked at men aged over 65. We would need to see more research in other age groups and involving women to confirm this particular association.”

She added that sleep is an essential aspect for healthy living. As per her view, sleep ought to be a priority in life in spite of daily schedules. Six to eight hours of sleep with eyes shut every night is vital for wellness and growth. High blood pressure is one of the risk factors for heart problems. Therefore, experts recommend everyone above the age of 40 to keep a tab on their blood pressure. However, further trials are needed to affirm if poor sleep may cause heart disease risk.

The study is published in Hypertension, a journal of American Heart Association.