Snow Falling

Time to switch into the hibernation mode as most will agree that this is what chilly winters bring along with them. So, 8 winter health tips are right here to tell you what else can be done apart from cozily wrapping in a blanket. True, the weather is overwhelming, but all the more irresistible are the pathogens to the body. With broad daylight dwindling on one end, and stretchy long night ensuing thereafter, the alternating weather is bound to increase our vulnerability to illnesses. Read on for 8 winter health tips that will make this season truly enjoyable.

Maintain hygiene – Apart from the primary reason of staying tidy, this is a major step towards resisting cold and flu. With infectious agents on the prowl this season, you may have to be at your hygienic best. Be it washing hands with a sanitizer or covering the mouth with a napkin during cough, cleanliness tops the list of tips. In case you are allergic to cold ice-creams and desserts in winter, it will be better off to skip them entirely to avoid common illnesses.

Beat the blues – Ever wondered why you feel down all the more during winters? It could be a phase of seasonal affective disorder as it is natural for stress to pile on, considering that we are lazy, less active and more prone to wishful eating in this period. These factors are likely responsible for the bouts of depression we tend to encounter during this weather, since our mind is less occupied and we are totally by ourselves. The best way to combat it would be to remain active, engage in activities that boost the spirit both at an intellectual and physical level.

Get naughty with snow balls – This winter health tip is for all those who live in snowclad regions. Employing someone to shovel snow looks like an intelligent move, but in case that looks remote, then adopting the right posture while doing it, is important. The job is known to strike hard at the back which can even turn into a significant back problem. Do it in the right way and enjoy skiing this winter.

Combat illnesses – Many individuals also go through a phase of frostbite and hypothermis. While hypothermia is a condition characterized by drop in body temperatures, frostbite is numbness felt in the skin. Both these conditions are not to be taken with a pinch of salt. It is advisable to visit a physician at the earliest. Avoid using instinctive remedies and always seek guidance from a professional person.

Winter Heath Tips

Adopt a healthy diet – Experts believe that the best way to remain healthy all through winter is drinking plenty of fluids. This doesn’t mean you drink several cups of coffee or tea each day. Opt for healthy drinks that keep your immune system active. Avoiding sugary drinks and drink lots of water. During these months, we don’t usually feel as thirsty as during summer months, but keeping the body well hydrated is of utmost importance for a healthy body.

Be active – Sure, it is tempting to feel like polar bears lying fast asleep at home, but, you may be surprised to know that it can be really fun jogging or exercising during cold months. Sweating it out will uplift and activate all your bodily senses that can keep all sorts of health issues afar. Practicing yoga and meditation techniques also looks like a clever alternative to be relaxed this winter.

Keep your skin soft and supple – The most sensitive facet of winter is skin. Dry skin is one of the most reported problems in cold weather. Apply soft lotions to the skin throughout the day at regular intervals. Keep your skin supple and sustain the natural oils in your skin. Cracking of lips is also commonly seen in winters where keeping a lip balm ready at hand should keep the lips moist and free from infections.

Keep arthritis at bay – This could be the worst period for arthritis sufferers. Researchers from the Northwestern University have shown how shrinking day light affects the physical activity of individuals suffering from arthritis. Physical activity is crucial for such patients as it improves their gait and pain. A simple brisk walk should be enough to dampen the inactivity.

Seasons come and go, but our body takes time to adapt to the altering temperatures each time. It is only natural to feel euphoric at one point and totally gloomy the next point. Nevertheless, doing away with the qualms for a while, winter time is adorable for many reasons and to add to it, you can also keep this list of winter health tips right by your side. So what are your plans this winter?