Text Obesity

When it comes to obesity, each one of us has a different way of dealing with it, though most will agree that diet does play a very important role in weight loss. As an attempt towards helping the younger generation combat weight gain, a team of professionals from the University of Newcastle has intended to start a weight loss program.

This initiative will exclusively focus on the quality and quantity of food consumed by volunteers. The team explained how self monitoring food intake plays an important role in designing eating patterns.

“Previous research has shown that keeping track of what you eat can make people more aware of their eating patterns and can assist with weight loss,” commented Dr Neve, Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

However, the scientists are not clear of what avenues young women prefer for keeping a track of their eating norms. They therefore planned to make use of 3 different kinds of food dairies namely an online, paper-based and a smartphone diary.

All the 3 types of dairies have to be completed by the subjects in a span of 7 days. These study participants will get prompt feedback on the dietary value of the food consumed by them from Dr Neve, based on their eating habits, as reported in the diary.

Consequently, the outcomes of the trial will be used to formulate an extensive weight loss program for young individuals. Persons in the age-group 18 to 30 and who have a BMI in the range of 22 to 30 will be enrolled for the analysis.