Autistic Child 01

While autism is no more a novice in terms of psychiatric conditions, new and faster means to detect it are needed at present. A new web-based tool has been created by scientists at the Harvard Medical School which can apparently lead to accurate and quick diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

A combination of algorithms and mobile mechanisms is used in the process. A questionnaire of sorts coupled with the subjects’ short videos are included as part of online assessments for at-risk persons. This technique is cited to reduce the duration of diagnosis by nearly 95% and may be incorporated within the regular screening procedures for ASDs.

“We believe this approach will make it possible for more children to be accurately diagnosed during the early critical period when behavioral therapies are most effective,” commented Wall. Dennis Wall, associate professor of pathology and director of computational biology initiative at the Center for Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School.

Basically, this alternative mode of detecting the disorder could be suitable in any given environment and can reach out to a substantial number of people. Moreover, the present diagnosis process is long and necessitates the supervision of a practiced clinician. According to the team, a set of 7 questions seemed to be adequate for comprehending if the child in question is suffering from autism or no. Also, assessment of kids’ home videos can be used as part of the diagnostic method.

The report is published in the April 10 issue of the journal, Translational Psychiatry.