Blood Pressure Test Often, metabolic disorders are interrelated, with many reports talking about how one problem can lead to the other and so on. Coming as a warning on this front is a study by Diabetes UK experts which suggests that people suffering from diabetes need to watch their blood pressure levels.

This is primarily because the diabetes-hypertension combo may cause a range of complications right from heart disease, stroke to kidney failure. According to the guidelines, persons devoid of diabetes need to have their blood pressure levels somewhere around 140/85 and not higher. For diabetics, the optimal level is expected to be roughly 130/80.

Barbara Young, Chief Executive for Diabetes UK, shared, “Given the link between blood pressure and diabetes-related complications such as stroke, kidney failure and heart disease, it is extremely worrying that half of people with diabetes have high blood pressure.

Moreover, after diabetics with high blood pressure are identified, not much effort is put in to normalize it. This is presumably one of the reasons why having both these conditions is not considered to be something unusual. More and more people are falling prey to heart and kidney diseases, as per the statistics.

The team has urged professionals to keep a check on the blood pressures of diabetic patients right from the start. And once the condition is identified, suitable measures to bring it to the standard level ought to be taken. This analysis includes data from the National Diabetes Audit information about England.