Life's Click Mouse

Here is a device that is able to monitor your health. Chiu Chi Tat and Tsoi Man Hei have designed what they call the ‘Life’s Click’ mouse. It looks like an ordinary mouse, but it surely has a twist.

The Life’s Click mouse has two sensors located where a user would typically place their thumb and palm while using an ordinary mouse. These sensors allow the mouse to measure the user’s health and to keep track of vital statistics when using the computer.

Besides, the Life’s Click mouse also sports an LCD that displays information including the user’s heart beat as well as other heart-related facts.

For those users who require special care, the vital statistics detected by the Life’s Click mouse can be sent out to doctors or caretakers. It can thus be used as a remote method for a patient’s check-up.

The Life’s Click mouse is a wireless one. But, it requires the LCD to be connected to the PC via a USB connection.

The Life’s Click mouse is not available for sale as of now. It is yet in the concept stage.