Cancer Research UK Logo Recession may be blamed for the downfall of economy and its result on mental health. But, if a latest survey is to be believed then recession is also noted to have an impact on health, fitness and the overall well-being of people in UK. This enlightening survey was conducted by the experts from Cancer Research UK to launch its Run 10k series.

It has been estimated that around 25% of people may be spending a greater amount of time at work then the amount spent this time last year. Further it was also observed that, around 56% of working people have reported of the fact that their work affects the amount of exercise that they do. More so, about 26% of the people currently employed have admitted that they don’t exercise regularly.

Apparently, keeping this in mind Cancer Research UK is noted to have launched the ‘Take 5 Challenge.’ This is believed to include 5 simple steps which can aid working people include exercise in their tight-schedule lives. Apart from aiming to help people maintain a healthy balance between their life and work; it also hopes to prepare people for a Run 10k event to be held this autumn.

“Encouraging a good work/life balance is crucial in keeping morale high and increasing motivation, commitment and engagement. Cancer Research UK’s Run 10k ‘Take 5 Challenge’ encourages people to incorporate health and fitness into their busy lives, which is a great way for workers and their bosses to boost their sense of wellbeing. And by signing up to a Run 10k this year, people will be raising money for a fantastic cause at the same time,” says Karen Brady, MD, Birmingham City Football Club, who is backing the ‘Take 5 Challenge.’

The survey has evidently demonstrated that more than 80% of workers accept that being busy at work has affected their nutrition and diet; where around 41% have admitted opting for speed over health when considering their food alternatives. Therefore, the ‘Take 5 Challenge’ is notably designed in such a way so as to assist and guide people in boosting their over-all fitness and health level. ‘Take 5 Challenge’ consists of easy-to-follow steps which include tips on extra activity, hydration and stretching.

Steve Halsall, celebrity fitness expert speaks about Cancer Research UK’s ‘Take 5 Challenge’ by saying, “Doing the ‘Take 5 Challenge’ and making five small changes to your everyday routine, which require little or no extra time, can have a huge beneficial effect on your fitness levels and general well-being, and even show you how easy it is to take that next step and sign-up for a Run 10k this year. Taking part in a Run 10k will also give you that feel-good factor and sense of achievement that is second-to-none!”

Cancer Research UK is stated to have worked in association with Halsall in order to develop the step-by-step plans. These steps have been designed to aid people get in the right mind-set to participate in a Run 10k.