University Of Queensland Logo Fish oil apparently offers a host of health benefits for breast cancer patients. One among them is the improvement in responses to the breast cancer drug tamoxifen. A latest investigation undertaken by the University of Queensland asserts that fish oil supplements can also aid in avoiding muscle loss among breast cancer survivors.

Those with a history of breast cancer often report loss of muscle mass shortly after cancer treatment. Loss of muscle probably elevates the onset and exacerbation of obesity-related chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Scientists mention that performing exercise can effectively help rebuild lost muscle.

In case fish oil supplementation appears effective in preventing muscle loss before it occurs, or even more effective when used along with exercise, it can possibly decline the threat of survivors developing a chronic disease. The reason for muscle mass loss in breast cancer survivors seems to be the presence of chronic inflammation. PhD student Cameron McDonald from the School of Human Movement Studies and colleagues believe that chronic inflammation triggers a breakdown in muscle tissue. This inflammation is reportedly tackled by fish oil.

The research will be presented in the upcoming Universitas 21 Graduate Research Conference on Food.