Person Scared Anxiety Disorder

Just yesterday, we saw a report explaining why teens easily fall prey to issues like addiction and depression. Along the same lines, a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has disclosed that around 20% of US individuals in the age-group 18 and above seemingly experienced mental disturbances in 2010.

The rate of mental illnesses appeared to be more than 2 folds higher in the aforesaid group, than that seen in elderly individuals aged 50 and more. Also, women apparently encountered higher rate of mental illnesses as compared to men.

“Mental illnesses can be managed successfully, and people do recover. Mental illness is not an isolated public health problem. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity often co-exist with mental illness and treatment of the mental illness can reduce the effects of these disorders. The Obama Administration is working to promote the use of mental health services through health reform. People, families and communities will benefit from increased access to mental health services,” commented SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde.”

Notably, substance abuse came forward as a major contributor to mental illnesses. As per estimations, around 8.7 million adults in America intended to commit suicide in 2010. Further, nearly 1.9 million adolescents reportedly faced a major depressive phase 2 years back. Also, this group was 2 times likelier to be involved in drug abuse, relative to those who did not encounter any depression then.

The report essentially put forth that 1 in 5 US citizens experienced mental problems 2 years back. Also, substance abuse and dependence seemed to be higher among people with mental illnesses.