Black Tea Black tea has been associated with some health benefits, but professionals advise to consume it in moderation. In another study, scientists from the University of Western Australia have shown that people consuming a cup of black tea thrice in a day may have low blood pressure.

Almost 95 participants in the age-group 35 to 75 were incorporated for the trial. Out of these, 35 of them were instructed to consume 3 cups of black tea each day, while 75 of them were asked to drink 3 cups of black tea or placebo meshed in the same flavor with caffeine content that was not obtained from tea. After a period of 6 months, the team found that the subjects who drank 3 cups of black tea each day apparently manifested lower 24-hour systolic and diastolic blood pressure that was in the range of 2 to 3mmHg.

“There is already mounting evidence that tea is good for your heart health, but this is an important discovery because it demonstrates a link between tea and a major risk factor for heart disease,” commented Lead author Research Professor Jonathan Hodgson of UWA’s School of Medicine and Pharmacology.

Scientists believed that tea ranks second in terms of the most consumed beverages in the world, the first one being water. While systolic blood pressure accounts for the blood pressure when the heart beats, diastolic blood pressure is the pressure encountered in between the beats.

The study is published in the journal, Archives of Internal Medicine.