Marijuana Leaf Numerous studies on the health benefits offered by marijuana have far outdone those which condemn its use. Now, a study by researchers from New Zealand and Britain has revealed that smoking marijuana does not increase the risk of head and neck cancer.

Right from easing Fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain, suppressing tumor growth, and warding of Alzheimer’s disease to reduction of allergic skin reactions, nature’s own herb has been shown to be effective.

Few studies however, have shown that like smoking cigarettes, smoking cannabis could lead to various types of cancer and the likelihood of psychotic behavior. However, if one were to look at the positives against the negatives, they would surely find that the former far outdoes the latter in tangible terms with a lot of evidence.

For this study, the researchers scrutinized 75 cases of head and neck cancer.

The findings revealed that the relative risk associated with smoking cannabis and head and neck cancer in marijuana users was the same (1.0) as in those who had never smoked cannabis.

These results differ from the relative risk associated with cigarettes smoking and cancer at 2.1 and heavy alcohol intake at 5.7.

However, the authors said that a larger study is needed for clear understanding.

As you read this, we are sure that many studies are being conducted across the world- those which will bring out into the open the benefits of nature’s gift to mankind.