AquaPulse For all those people who enjoy water sports or like to swim may find this news report quite intriguing. FINIS, the worldwide leader in Technical Swimming Development, has recently announced their latest invention, the “AquaPulse” heart rate monitor. This unique workout accessory is stated to be developed especially for those people who are on the look out for enhancing their swimming workout through heart rate training.

This innovative product is said to make use of an exceptional heart rate sensor, along with the bone-conduction technology which was developed by FINIS itself. Through an infrared sensor held on to the earlobe, the unique AquaPulse is said to be capable of sensing the heart rate of the swimmer. The sensor, then apparently gauges the light pulses from the capillary blood flow in the skin, which in turn leads to the measurement of the number of beats/minute (b/m) of the body. It is further stated that with the help of an in-built computer within the AquaPulse, the heart rate is then communicated to the user. This communication is supposedly done audibly with the help of the Bone-Conduction Technology, which communicates sound vibrations to the inner ear through the temple bone.

This revolutionary technology is unique because normally human beings hear through air conduction, which is not possible while under water. Therefore by communicating sound vibration via the temple bone directly into the inner ear of the swimmer, bone conduction supposedly provides the clearest sound possible.

FINIS President, John Mix, says that, “Current heart rate monitors are meant for running and dryland training, but are quite awkward for training in the water as athletes are hindered by awkward straps and watches. We created the new FINIS AquaPulse heart rate monitor specifically for swimmers so they could continually swim and understand their heart rate without stopping and train in their proper ‘heart-rate zone’ more accurately. Our heart rate monitor features a water proof design that changes both how the heart rate is sensed and transmitted to the user.”

The various features that this innovative unit consists of are infrared heart rate sensor, audio transmission of heart rate, patented bone conduction technology, programmable settings, instant heart rate button, etc. among others. All of these various functions have been incorporated in a single unit. This unit can be used by merely clipping it on to the strap of the goggles, which then lies on the temple of the swimmer.

This innovative product is said to be made available from May 2009 at specialized retailers globally, and also on the FINIS website. This pricing for this product is believed to be at approximately $139.99.